UWEA mission is to strengthen wind power market, technology and infrastructure growth in Ukraine and worldwide through effective participation in the decision-making process, through advocacy, communication and education.

Ever since its foundation in spring 2008, the association has been committed to wide-scale developing wind energy in Ukraine, involving small and medium size businesses into the process. UWEA has advocated the development of wind energy as a reliable and environmentally sound, CO2 neutral source of electricity for Ukrainian consumers.

Our objectives and tasks:

  • To strengthen the development of Ukrainian wind energy market.
  • To facilitate national policy and initiatives aimed at overcoming the legislative and technical barriers to wide-scale development of wind power industry in Ukraine.
  • To promote transmission rules to allow for better wind integration into electricity grid.
  • To facilitate international technologies transfer.
  • To promote development of small wind sector in Ukraine.
  • To generate wind energy opportunities and attract investments into wind sector in Ukraine.
  • To serve as a meeting point of all key wind market players and act as an important contact for politicians, business, science and the media.
  • To provide the most reliable data on the modern wind industry in Ukraine and worldwide.
  • To maintain close cooperation with global and European professional associations and organizations