In 2015 all wind power plants (WPP) located in the mainland Ukraine generated 1 125.0 mln kWh of electricity. 

Wind energy accounts for 0,73% of electricity generated and 0,8 % of total energy installed capacity in the mainland Ukraine or 0,92% - including Crimea. In comparison, in 2014 WPPs located in the mainland Ukraine generated 1 123.7 mln kWh.

“Green” electricity generated from wind saved more than 1 329 mln ton of CO2 emission and supplied 2.8 mln average Ukrainian households with electricity.

16.6 MW were added in 2015, out of which four wind turbines FL 2500-100 were installed at Ochakovskiy wind park in Nikolaev region and two wind turbines Vestas V-112 – at WPP Staryi Sambir 1 in Lvov region. Thus, as of December 31, 2015 cumulative installed wind capacity reached 426,2 MW in the mainland Ukraine. All wind turbines are connected to the grid.

Currently two wind power plants are located on the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine - Lutiginsliy and Krasnodonskiy wind parks (Lugansk region), while Novoazovskiy wind park region is located on the line of collision in Donetsk region. The further previously planned development of these WPPs has been suspended. The legal proceedings regarding the status of these wind farms are taking place. 

In 2015 installed wind capacity in the temporarily occupied territory of the AR Crimea remained unchanged – 87,8 MW. According to the preliminary information about 125 mln kWh of electricity were generated by the Crimean WPPs last year. Delivery of electricity generated by the Crimean WPPs to the Ukraine’s United Energy System has been stopped since April 2014.

In 2015 the wind companies Wind Power, Management Company Wind Parks of Ukraine and Vindkraft Ukraine remained their leading position in the national wind sector.

The main barriers hindering the further development of the national wind industry and worsening the investment climate in the country:

  • Unstable RES policy
  • Violation of the Law of Ukraine “On Electrical Power Industry” by Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine while cutting feed-in tariff rates in February and March 2015 

At the same time last year changes in the Ukrainian wind sector should be considered as positive:

  • Court rulings related to illegal cuts to the feed-in tariff against the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine in favor of RES developers.
  • Law on Introduction of Changes to Certain Laws of Ukraine with respect to Securing Competitive Conditions for Production of Electricity from Alternative Energy Sources. This Law has solved several legislative barriers such as problematic local content requirement and unbalanced feed-in tariffs for various types of renewable. Conditioning the eligibility for feed-in tariffs for investments in renewable energy on the fulfillment of minimum shares of goods and works of Ukrainian origin has been replaced by entitlements of the investors fulfilling certain local content quota to a bonus on top of the existing feed-in tariff.
  • Introduction of feed-in tariff for wind energy installations of households not exceeding 
  • 30 kW 
  • State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine support for the UWEA’s amendment proposals to the draft law On Electricity Market of Ukraine.