On November 5-6, 2018, Ankara hosted the 7th Turkish Wind Energy Congress TWEC 2018, organized by the Turkish Wind Energy Association - TUREB.

About 2000 participants including representatives from Ministers of the Republic of Turkey, state and international institutions, wind manufacturers and wind energy companies were engaged in knowledge exchange, thought-leadership and debate in order to further the Turkish wind industry’s success. The agenda of the two-day congress included a wide range of issues and challenges facing the sector, from development plans for the next 5-10 years, further support for the national wind energy industry to holding auctions and financing.

Over the past 12 years, Turkish wind energy sector has achieved significant success - from 50 MW of wind power capacity in 2006 to over 7 GW - by mid of 2018. About 3 GW are now under construction. The plans for further wind development in Turkey, adopted by the government are quite ambitions - to reach at least 16 GW by 2027, with annual additions of 1 GW .

There is a growing interest among Turkish wind market stake-holders in the Ukrainian wind market. For the third consecutive year, Andriy Konechenkov, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, participated in the Turkish Wind Energy Congress. His this year presentation at TWEC 2018 was mostly devoted to the investment attractiveness of the wind energy market of Ukraine, with focus on the national wind market opportunities for Turkish investors.

We’d like to remind:  on November 28, 2017, within the framework of international conference and exhibition WindEurope 2017 hold in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA) and the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TWEA) signed a Memorandum on Partnership and Cooperation: