The UWEA successfully hosted its fourth webinar in a 2021 series of webinars on wind energy in Ukraine focusing on both theoretical and practical aspects of national wind power development. The webinar “System monitoring and maintenance of wind turbines – path to efficient electricity generation” was devoted to practical service cases in the wind power sector of Ukrainian. According to the webinar, timely scheduled inspections and maintenance of a WTG increases its technical availability, maximizes electricity generation and minimizes the risk of equipment faults which, in turn, leads to a reduction in generation outputs and negative financial consequences. Maintenance of wind turbines is an integral and necessary part of their operation lifetime.

Representatives of such leading national and international wind energy companies as MC Wind Parks of Ukraine, WindAero and Nordex Acciona shared their experience of wind turbine maintenance in Ukraine.

Anton Gnezdytsky, WindAero: Drone inspections carried out by WindAero minimize the incidence of human error and completely prevent the destruction and damage of wind turbines during monitoring of their technical condition. The automation of most of the system service processes and maintenance allows us to monitor and evaluate the dynamics of the operation of wind turbines. In addition to the monitoring and inspection services, our company is expertise in repairing wind power equipment.

Arturas Mikas, Nordex Group: “The company is widely represented not only in Ukraine’s wind power market, but also worldwide. The professional team of Nordex Group is able to service wind turbines under any conditions, including an extreme weather patterns. Nordex Acciona is not only a manufacturer, but also a reliable partner along the whole lifetime of wind turbines from inspections to major components exchange.”

Vitaliy Sevostyanov, MC Wind Parks of Ukraine: “As a branch of the MC Wind Parks of Ukraine, the FWT Service LLC has more than a decade of experience in Ukraine’s RES market, including the maintenance and technical monitoring of wind power generators. Currently, the company serves 9 wind farms, including in Germany and Kazakhstan. The company also can dismantle and replace transformers.