Workshop Development of RES in the Current Electricity Market of Ukraine, organized by the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association was held on November 6, 2019 within the framework of the XII International Specialized Exhibition “Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy - 2019 ”.

The UWEA member-companies, attended the event and shared their ideas, achievements and experience in the field of RES under the current market conditions. Workshop participants heard presentations by the representatives from MCL Group of Companies, Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH, Meganom Ukraine LLC, DE Quehenberger Logistics UKR, Sayenko Kharenko, Uniprom LLC, Dentons Europe, GRESA – GROUP LLC

Particularly, Yaroslav Kovhan, the representatives of MCL Group of Companies, underlined the importance of the national EIA procedure for the wind power projects and compared it to the international ESIA procedure.

Viacheslav Molybog, the representatives from Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH in his presentation Minimization of Technical Risks for Implementation and Operation of Wind Power Projects emphasized the necessity and importance of conducting on-site wind-measuring campaign in accordance with international requirements.

Interesting and informative were the reports made by representatives of Meganom Ukraine LLC, DE Quehenberger Logistics UKR and Uniprom LLC. They presented their companies’ products and services and shared their long experience in the renewable energy market of Ukraine.

In his opening address Andriy Konechenkov, Chairman of the UWEA Board and Vice – President of WWEA pointed out: “The main goal of our workshop is to present practical experience and new ideas for implementing wind energy projects in Ukraine. Over the past two years, the wind energy market has been enlarged by new wind farms constructed with emerging technologies. This experience will help new market players to build technically feasible and cost effective wind farms in Ukraine”.

Welcoming participants Sergiy Savchuk, Head of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) said: “In spite of all the rumors about possible uncomfortable terms to be introduced to the market and the challenges that make full-scale deployment of “green” policy impossible, there are optimists on the RES market prepared  to further development of this promising and critically important sector. In terms of current growth rate of alternative energy, it should be highlighted that the “green” energy sector has developed, is developing and will continue to, do so based on the legislative changes that were introduced with the participation of Mr Oleksiy Orzhel, the Minister of Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine. Now there are 5000 MW of RES installed capacity in Ukraine  while wind is the second most popular RE source after the sun. It’s also important to note that the cost of Renewable Energy generating technologies and equipment are falling This is also true for the wind power, with wind turbines becoming more powerful. It makes RES technologies more accessible for us”.

Maryna Gritsyshyna, UWEA Board Member from LF Sayenko Kharenko, briefed participants on the legal aspects of wind generation in the new electricity market in Ukraine and stressed that “wind generation producers should consider four main aspects in their work: generation forecasting, payments (“green” tariff), balancing group participation, and future liability for imbalances”.

Participants also discussed development of small and medium-sized wind generation in Ukraine. The peculiarities of the development of combined solar and wind energy installations were presented by Mykola Savchuk, UWEA Board Member and General Director of Gresa - Group LLC: “Nowadays one could see imbalance between the new RES additions in Ukraine  in favour of solar power installations.. The world is on the move towards  distributed generation to bring the generation closer to the consumer. Against this background, the tendency to develop small wind generation has been traced ”. 

The workshop ended with a presentation by Maxim Sysoev, UWEA Board Member Counsel  to Dentons Europe Law Firm, who shared the latest news of  the RES market: “The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection is actively working on drafting changes to the auction procedure, they consider quotas as one of the main deterrents to RES market development. However, there is a positive news. There has been a progress in communicating idea of energy storages systems construction, which raise important energy system balancing-related issue ”. He also discussed legal aspects of development and investments in wind projects.