On 12 June 2018 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania, hosted the Symposium on the Electricity Market for Central and Eastern Europe initiated by the Energy China Corporation. Energy China Corp. is one of the largest comprehensive solutions providers for the power industry in China and globally and strongest within the Fortune 500 list of companies worldwide.

The Symposium focused on international cooperation and future power market prospects for Central and Eastern European region.  The representatives of Energy China Corp, the Lithuanian Energy Vice Minister Lina Sabaitienė, Economy Vice Minister Elijus Čivilis, the World Wind Energy Association vice-president and chairmen of the UWEA Board Andriy Konechenkov, Head of Lietuvos Energija Darius Maikštėnas and other energy experts addressed participants.

Symposium guests were welcomed by China Energy Engineering Group Co.Ltd Energy China Corp. Chairman Jianping Wang who expressed his hope that the Symposium would resulted in strengthening cooperation between Europe and China Energy Corp.. Mr. Wang pointed out that the Energy China Corp. primary focused on green and renewable energy projects that would lead to more effective and clean power production: 
“Today we have a great opportunity to discuss, interact and share the knowledge with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We can share ideas on how we can all work together in cooperation to promote innovation of clean energy technology modernization and progress”.

Vice-Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania Lina Sabaitienė reported that the country's new energy strategy aimed at reducing electricity imports and increase electricity generation from RES: “Renewable sources should become fundamental for electricity and heat production in Lithuania by 2050”. RES are expected to meet 45% of energy demand by 2030, and up to 80% by 2050. Wind is forecast to capture the largest share of power generated by renewable sources, at 55% by 2030.

Chairman of the UWEA Board, Vice-President of WWEA Andriy Konechenkov presented the Ukrainian wind energy sector and prospects for wind industry development. During a meeting with Energy China Corp. chairman Jiangping Wang the Chinese side expressed deep interest in cooperating with Ukraine in clean energy, namely wind, solar, wind-hydrogen and clean coal technologies.

During the Energy Symposium 3 cooperation agreements were signed between companies and associations of China, Lithuania and Ukraine, including an agreement between North China Power Engineering Co Ltd., Energy China Corp. and Metropoliya MC, Ukraine, for the 200 MW solar project.


Energy China Profile:

A national Chinese company with more than 160 000 employees, working in more than 80 countries; it also actively cooperates with many European states in the 16 +1 format (the 16 Central and Eastern European countries and China).