Lviv’s 18th International Economic Forum (LIEF) – the driving force behind Ukraine’s “industrial revolution” – took place in the Western Ukrainian capital on 1 and 2 November 2018. The international conference focused on the future of economic development was organised by the Lviv Regional State Administration.

For 18 consecutive years, LIEF brought together state and regional representatives, investors, business leaders, diplomats, bankers, and representatives from international institutions and associations for discussion of the important issues related to the economic development and state building process.

The Forum featured several panel discussions on Ukraine’s modern economic policy, agro business development and export, renewable energy sources and energy saving. Other topics included professional HR, tourism infrastructure and industry hub.

During the plenary session "The Power of Wind - Driving Force of the Energy Independence", chaired by Andriy Konechenkov, Chairman of the UWEA’s Board and Vice-President of the WWEA, Maksym Kozytskyy, Director of ECO-Optima LLC, Enis Fakıoğlu, Co-Founder of Atlas Global Energy BV and Olena Koltyk, Development Director of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy, shared their ideas on wind development in Lviv region and entire country.

The First Phase of the Solar plant “Yavoriv” official opening took place in the framework of the  Lviv’s 18th International Economic Forum. With 36 MW of installed capacity, the first phase of Yavoriv solar plant (SPP) has become the largest solar generating facility in the Western Ukraine. Another 36 MW are planned for construction in 2019. When fully commissioned it will become the largest solar plant in Ukraine totalling 72 MW. The project is implemented by a company Energy Park “Yavoriv” with funds provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Clean Technology Facility, World Bank, Investment Facility for Developing Countries (IFU), and the Northern Environmental Financial Corporation (NEFCO)

Yavoriv district also has good wind resources. The construction of the first wind farm in the district is expected next year.