5-days International Energy Forum "Open Energy Week 2017 organized by the All-Ukrainian Energy Assembly was held in Kiev on 23-27 October 2017 bringing together representatives of state and private companies of the fuel and energy industry, officials and people's deputies took part in the work. The Forum was.

In his opening remarks Head of All-Ukrainian Energy Assembly and Forum moderator Ivan Plachkov stressed: “Today, during the country’s transition to new modern algorithms of relationships, during the implementation of new energy legislation, in particular the Law on the Electricity Market of Ukraine, the optimization of tariff policy and sector reforms in the context of the European integration aspirations of independent Ukraine and unification of Ukraine's energy system with European one, the experience and public expertise of the fuel and energy industry experts are of great importance”.

During the second session on new Energy Strategy of Ukraine the speakers discussed possible ways of its successful implementation. The UWEA representatives - Andriy Konechenkov, UWEA Board Chairman, WWEA Vice-President and Vitaliy Sevostianov, technical director of MC Wind Parks of Ukraine shared their ideas and proposals. 

Ivan Plachkov outlined the main problems the Ukrainian energy industry is currently facing and added that “today, we are considering all energy sectors to make the national energy industry balanced”.

“Implementation of the “Green” Energy Strategy requires investments. Targets of 11% RES in the final energy consumption set up by the National Renewable Energy Action Plan by 2020 were adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in October 2014. According to the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, to achieve the set targets -, it is necessary to attract about 12 billion euros”, noted Andriy Konechenkov, UWEA Board Chairman, WWEA Vice-President.

“Today we need to create a Green Investment Bank, which could evaluate RE projects, finalize them and, what is most importantly, it should provide first-rate capital, at least 20% equity. Then the banks-lenders will co-finance these projects”, proposed Sergiy Savchuk, Head of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine. 

During the Open Energy Week discussions representatives of all sectors of the national energy industry shared their ideas, problems and successful experiences. Experts from the nuclear, coal and renewable energy sectors discussed potential prospects for the future energy market of Ukraine.

The broadcast of the session on the Energy Strategy of Ukraine can be viewed on: