The round table devoted to the construction and operation of two wind power plants in the Kherson region, namely Overyanovskaya WPP and Novotroitskaya WPP with a total installed capacity of 140 MW, was organized by wind project developers Vindcraft Ukraina and Vindkraft Tavria under support of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA) and a Research and Production Enterprise "Ecodefence". The round table was held on 15 March 2016 in the premises of the Kherson Regional State Administration. The event was conducted as a part of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment procedure.

Carl Sturen, General director of Vindkraft Ukraina informed that studies aimed at evaluating the possible environmental impact of the planned WPP on the environment had been lasted for three years already. “Scientists’ finding clearly says that wind farms have minimal impact on the environment”, stressed Carl Sturen.

Andriy Putilin, Head of the Kherson Regional Council noted the importance of the implementation of such projects in the region: "First of all they bring investments, money for local budgets and new jobs in the region."

Addressing the participants of the event UWEA’s chairman Andriy Konechenkov said: "Wind is independent energy source that brings new incomes to the local economy, to the Kherson region and you don’t need to fight for wind. It’s very important, since the struggle over access to energy resources is a key factor for modern wars”.