Three leading RES associations in Ukraine namely the UWEA, the UARE, and the EUEA, as parties to the Memorandum of Cooperation and Partnership with Inter-Factional Deputy Association`s “Clean Energy - Healthy Environment” (IFA), organized the study trip to the Renewable Rnergy facilities located in Odessa region for members of parliament (MPs) on 22 May, 2021. The trip was aimed at presenting  wind and solar generation technologies in operation, establishing a direct dialogue between the RES investors and the Ukrainian legislators to provide cooperative effort to resolve RES market crisis and stimulate further green energy transition of Ukraine. 9 MPs, led by Oleksiy Honcharenko, head of the IFA “Clean Energy - Healthy Environment”, took part in the study trip.

During the event issues related to the current situation on the Ukrainian RES market were highlighted by the RES investors’ representatives, including such UWEA member companies as Elementum Energy, UDP Renewables, Vindkraft Kalanchak, MC "Wind parks of Ukraine", WindFarm, MCL Group. The RES investors have raised the issue of the Memorandum of Understanding implementation by the Government, namely the current level of payments for the supplied electricity and the debts repayment to the RES generators, which have been accumulated since 1 January 2020. Investors also paid attention to the irrationality and frequency of systematic curtailments of RES generation, applied by NPC Ukrenergo applied in spring of 2021.

Andriy Konechenkov, Chairman of the UWEA Board, have presented the current status and forecasted development of Ukrainian wind energy sector under a gradual transition from “green” tariff to market conditions and pointed out: “One of the core priorities of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association is to sustain comprehensive cooperation with the public authorities, especially with legislators. Our task is to provide constructive dialogue between the RES investors and MPs to elaborate a clear road map for “green” transition of Ukraine.”

The MPs have visited two RES facilities, in particular solar power plant of TIUCanada with the capacity of 13 MW and the I Phase of the Dnistrovska wind park of Elementum Energy with the capacity of 40 MW, which has been commissioned and has begun generating "green" electricity from May 1, 2021.

Oleksiy Honcharenko, head of the IFA “Clean Energy - Healthy Environment”: “After standing next to the wind turbine, I understand what we are standing for. Despite the fact, that all of us (MPs) have different political views, we have a common desire - to ensure clean environment and air for our children, which is primarily possible by RES development. RES bring money into the economy and create jobs, directly and indirectly, and establish truly clean and environmentally friendly sector of economy. We clearly understand the problems of this sector and are aware of our responsibility to solve them. I do hope that this study trip is another step forward to our fruitful cooperation to provide clean future of Ukraine”.

The Ukrainian Wind Energy Association expresses special gratitude to Elementum Energy for the support in organizing the study trip and the opportunity to visit the wind farm!