Business forum “ECOTransformation of Ukraine. Stakeholders of Green Change-2018”, hold on 17 December 2018 in Kiev, gathered the EСO leaders, famous industry experts, and executives of leading enterprises. The forum participants presented their main achievements in the spheres of ecology, renewable energies and energy saving & efficiency, the environmental solutions which were implemented in Ukraine to the best advantage.

The Forum opened with ECO-Oscar award ceremony during which Diplomas “Green Change Stakeholder” and statues “Ecotransformation-2018” were awarded to 50 Green Change Stakeholders for their significant contribution to the “green” transformation of Ukraine.

“Activity in the EСO field is similar to our award which is made in the form of a cube that states only on one corner; it is multifaceted, combines the state, business, community and science for the sake of the future life, Ukraine's compliance with all international environmental obligations. And at the same time it is a shaky structure, one wrong move - and everyone will feel the consequences”, - said the founder of the project “Ecotransformation-2018”, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Ecology of the Enterprise” Lyudmila Tsyganok in her opening speech.

Sergey Savchuk, Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine  said: “We have achieved a dynamic development of renewable energy sector. The investors’ interest in Ukrainian RE market is high. Over the past 4 years, about 1.5 billion euros have been invested in new renewable energy capacities  in Ukraine”.

Receiving the award, the Chairman of the UWEA Board of UWEA, Vice President of the WWEA Andriy Konechenkov thanked all stakeholders of the Ukrainian wind energy market for their joint active work in promoting clean wind electricity to achieve energy independence and sustainable development of Ukraine. “Many developed countries consider extension of people's lives as the most important factor in modern energy development. It is renewable energy, which today drives out fossil fuel from energy production, creates an environmentally friendly environment for the development of society and improves living standards on our planet. I am very grateful to the organisers of this event for the excellent idea of drawing public attention to “green” changes”.