The Second Short-Term Wind Forecasting workshop organised by Ukraine – Denmark Energy Center (UDEC) under the Technical Assistance Project and initiated by the UWEA took place place in Kyiv on 26 September 2017. The workshop is a follow-up activity from the first UDEC workshop conducted in Kiev on 5 July 2017. Representatives from UDEC, Danish Energy Agency, Ministry of Fuel and Coal Industry of Ukraine, SE NEC Ukrenergo and companies-member of the UWEA that have operating wind farms in their assets participated in the event.

Dr. Gregor Giebel from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) made a presentation of the simple forecasting tool Prediktor, developed by the DTU. The tool was installed on pc’s of participants and Danish wind expert instructed and trained.

“The Law of Ukraine On the Electricity Market of Ukraine, adopted in April this year, provides for electricity producers to have a financial responsibility for the imbalances caused by them. At present, there is no national system for short-term forecasting of electricity generation at RES facilities available in Ukraine. Therefore, such workshops are extremely important for further development of the renewable energy sector in the country," said Andriy Konechenkov, Chairman of the UWEA and Vice President of the WWEA.