Public hearing meetings on the results of the environmental impact assessment for the Kalanchak Wind Power Plant (Kalanchak WPP) with a total installed capacity of
300 MW were successfully held on December 19 and 20, 2018. The hearings were held in four amalgamated territorial communities of Kalanchak and Chaplynka districts of Kherson region. The public hearing meetings were attended by representatives of local communities, the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, scientists-authors of the Scientific Report on the Natural Complexes Impact Assessment for the Kalanchak WPP and a company “Eco Svit” - the author of the Report on Environmental Impact Assessment for the Kalanchak Wind Power Plant. The public hearing meetings were organized by the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Kherson Region State Administration.

Anatoliy Vlasenko, General Director of Vindkraft Kalanchak, LLC presented the project to local communities and the company's development plans.

Andriy Konechenkov, the Head of the UWEA Board, Vice President of the World Wind Energy Association, presented the global development of wind energy with focus on the current status of the wind energy sectors of the European Union and Ukraine. “Wind energy - a local, ecologically clean resource - avoids the use of expensive imported fossil fuels, attracts investments in the local economy, creates jobs, thus improving the living standards of local communities. The use of wind energy is a pathway to peace, there is no need to pay or to fight for it”, stressed Andriy Konechenkov.  The participants watched a film about modern wind power plants operating in Ukraine, prepared by the UWEA.

Valery Siokhin, a member of the Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences, PhD in biology, specialist in ornithology and applied ecology, NSC “Biodiversity”, Azov-Black Sea Ornithological station, said: “NSC “Biodiversity” and Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station, which I represent today, have extensive experience in conducting researches and impact assessments on the natural complexes of the Azov-Black Sea region, including vegetation, birds, insects, amphibians, bats, other mammals and their habitats for wind power plants, which we conduct in compliance with all norms of both Ukrainian and European legislations, using the latest international techniques and technologies existing in the field. The impact of the Kalanchak Wind Farm on regional natural complexes has been studied for many years. On the basis of the conducted researches we can conclude that the construction of this wind farm and its operation do not have a negative impact on regional natural complexes. Of course, monitoring of natural complexes in the wind farm area will continue both during its construction and operation periods”.

The Kalanchak Wind Power Plant project in Kherson region has been implementing by the Ukrainian company Vindkraft Kalanchak.