UWEA calls upon its international partners to facilitate completely embargo on Russian oil and natural gas

The Ukrainian wind energy association (the UWEA) that unites 83 companies from 14 countries including 100% electricity producers from wind in Ukraine, calls upon all its international partners to assist in completely embargo Russian oil and natural gas.

For 13 consequent days already russian aggressor has been hitting peaceful Ukrainian cities, towns and villages with cruise missiles and bombs, killing women and children, destroying everything.  We should stop natural gas and oil supplies to Europe, supplies which bring bloody money to putin’s regime to have more lethal weapons. 

Executive director of the international Energy Agency Dr. Fatih Birol presented
“A 10 Point plan to Reduce the European Union’s Reliance on Russian Natural Gas”. This action plan includes accelerated deployment of the new wind and solar projects.

Renewables mean peace and freedom; they bring prosperity and healthy environment to all nations!

Andriy Konechenkov,
Chairman of the Board, UWEA