On 30 January, 2020, the platform “Euroconvention Global” organized the 3rd conference “RENPOWER UKRAINE 2020: RENEWABLE ENERGY & POWER INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTORS CONFERENCE” which brought together under one roof representatives of government, business and international organizations, developers of “green” projects, financiers, legal advisors, experts and, of course, investors in the renewable energy sector of Ukraine. Ukrainian Wind Energy Association was an information partner of the conference.

The Ukrainian Power Sector faces many challenges and opportunities in the upcoming 20 years, including: high penetration of the RES, future decommissioning of the nuclear power units, technical conditions of the thermal power plants and many others.

To find solutions to contemporary problems and to prevent the emergence of new ones, the following thematic sessions were held during the conference: state and prospects for developing energy system; the first 6 months of the new electricity market; renewable energy and new auction system; energy storage systems and other modern technologies, trends in the modernization of clean energy production; investment attractiveness of the market.

Among the honorable speakers of the Conference were representatives of Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine; State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine; NPC “Ukrenergo”; State Enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer” and State Enterprise “PROZORRO.Sale”; World Bank and European Commission.

In his opening speech, Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection, Konstantyn Chyzhyk, once again reminded about Green Energy Transition of Ukraine until 2050 ("Concept") and noted that in order to achieve Concept goals, to conduct RES auctions and for further renewables development, it is necessary to do three steps: to reach a consensus among all market players, to implement "green" projects in balance among all types of RES and to agree to voluntary restructuring of the feed-in-tariffs.

Andriy Konechenkov, Vice-President of the WWEA and Chairman of UWEA Board, noted during his presentation on the development of the wind-energy sector in Ukraine: “The emphasis should be placed not on political declarations on the percentage of RES increase in the country, but on the issues of the energy mix structure. How will we achieve this percentage without addressing the issue of balancing the energy system of Ukraine?”

Kostyantyn Petrykovets, Managing Director of State Enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer” and Vladyslava Grudovaya, Head of Project Office at PROZZORO.Sale, Ukraine, made interesting and topical presentations. Mr. Kostyantyn provided information on annual company’s performance and status of payments to RES electricity producers under the feed-in-tariff. Ms. Vladyslava, in turn, briefed the participants about the auction program interface and other details of this process.