An increasing number of countries, regions and cites is joining the Global campaign “100% RE”. On New Year's Eve 2019 in Ukraine, in the centre of Bessarabia – town of Izmail, Ruslana Lyzhychko, the Eurovision Song Contest winner and Ambassador 100% RE in the world, conducted the interesting promotion campaign – RE New Year during which she convincingly demonstrated the reality and technical possibility of switching to renewable energy sources.

Solar panels and solar energy storage tanks were installed near the venue and provided the entire complex with 100% clean energy.

In their special video messages Secretary General of the World Wind Energy Association, a member of the Executive Committee of the World Platform Global 100% RE, Stefan Gsuenger (Germany) and WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson (Brussels) sent their greetings to the participants. Hans-Josef Fell, one of the world's key experts and co-author of the German “green” tariff shared his ideas on the importance for Ukraine to shift to RE 100% to reach the country's energy independence. The event was organized and hosted by Metropoliya Group of Companies headed by Viktor Kurtiev, General Director

One minute before the New Year's Eve, the entire complex was disconnected from the “old” fossil energy system and at exactly midnight, by pressing the button Ruslana “launched” Clean Energy to power the energy system of the venue, which she symbolically called Noah's Ark.

“I've never felt such a big difference between the past and the future. I've never had such a strong feeling that in the past there was little that I could do. But in the future, almost everything depends on me. This button to switch on my own, “clean” solar and wind energies generated from 100% renewable sources, is actually in my head. This old, so-called “inexpensive” energy for which we pay the price of the planet's life, our health and future, must be switched off”, Ruslana addressed the audience.

Andriy Konechenkov, the Head of the UWEA Board, Vice President of the World Wind Energy Association who also participated in the event, said: Everyone who cares about the energy security of his country and the future of our planet should understand that it is his or her personal involvement in the development of renewable energy that can drastically change the energy system and achieve the set goal - the global transition to 100% “clean” energy. Today, the vast majority of professional associations and players of the renewable energy market of Ukraine support the active position of Ruslana, Ambassador 100% RE”.