Each year, on June 15, we discover wind power, advantages and possibilities it holds to reshape our energy systems, decarbonise our economies and create new jobs. The modern wind power industry is the fastest growing industrial sector in the world, which now operates in 140 countries as a proven, reliable and accessible “green” technology. According to the latest reports by the International Energy Agency and the International Renewable Energy Agency, cheapness and liquidity of “green” technologies exceed the cost of extraction, transportation and operation of fossil fuels.

The previous year clearly demonstrated the rapid development of wind energy both in Ukraine and worldwide.  Just in 2019, 637.1 MW of wind power capacities were added to the grid in Ukraine whereas the total capacity of Ukraine's wind power sector reached 1.2 GW.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the world in 2020, confirmed the dependence of modern society on electricity, and, given the collapse of fossil fuel markets, reinforced the idea of an inevitable transition to RES generation.

Despite the fact that in 2020 the renewable energy sector in general, and wind energy in particular, faces a significant number of challenges, Global Wind Day is an opportunity to demonstrate once again, that wind power is not only a mature and leading industry among other modern energy-generating technologies, but also a key instrument for attracting investment,, boosting jobs, reducing carbon emissions and bringing together the most professional and proactive advocates of “green” transition.

Wind energy is the path to our energy independence, to peace and clean and healthy future for the next generations.

Happy Global Wind Day Greetings from the UWEA Secretariat to all stakeholders of the Ukrainian wind energy market! We sincerely wish you good health, patience and inspiration for reaching new heights. May your business be prosperous! Fair wind for all your endeavors!