On 25-27 November 2019, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, hosted the 18th World Wind Energy Conference WWEC 2019, an annual international conference of the World Wind Energy Association, with more than 300 participants from 20 countries discussing all aspects of wind power utilization.

The main theme of the conference “Large-scale integration of wind power” pointed at one of the most important challenges for the mankind. Manifold solutions and approaches for a large-scale integration of renewable energy and eventually a 100% renewable energy supply were presented and discussed during 3 days of intensive work. These solutions have been already successfully applied in different parts of the world and include various forms of storage, e.g. batteries, hydrogen or hydro pump storage, flexible and smart grids, demand side management and beyond.

In the host country Brazil and in many other countries, hydropower and pump storage have the potential to be the fastest and lowest cost solution. Accordingly, the Conference supported the commitment made by the Presidents of the WWEA and the IHA to work together on launching a study referring to pump storage and renewable energy and the requirements for adjusting existing hydropower schemes.

UWEA representatives - Andriy Konechenkov, Chairman of the UWEA Board, and Galyna Schmidt, member of the UWEA Board, presented the current state of wind energy in Ukraine and highlighted main wind power achievements and barriers to the further successful development of the sector. Information about the wind energy sector in Ukraine attracted great interest among the delegates.

Traditionally, the conference included a session devoted to use of different renewable energy technologies. “It has to be a future with a 100% renewable energy supply! But while this general answer is rather easy to conclude, the exact way needs to be discussed in detail: We have many different technical economic and social options and it is very important that we decide for the right way based on sound knowledge”, called on participants Stefan Gzanger, WWEA Secretary General.

The Conference applauded the announcement of the foundation of the Brazilian Wind Energy Academy ACEOLICA which will enable all relevant universities, research centres and associations to achieve better coordination, and will act as a catalyst for further rapid wind power deployment as well as will advise related government agencies. ACEOLICA will also collaborate internationally, e.g. with the proposed world renewable energy education initiative.

 During the opening session for outstanding achievements in the dissemination of wind energy utilization in Ukraine and worldwide, the World Wind Energy Award 2019 was given to Andriy Konechenkov, Chairman of the UWEA Board and Galyna Shmidt, Member of the UWEA Board.

On November 24, 2019, a day prior to the 3-day conference, the General Assembly of the WWEA was held. Andriy Konechenkov, Chairman of the UWEA Board, was elected Vice-President of the World Wind Energy Association for the third time.

Hon. Peter Elliot Rae, Chairman of the Renewable Energy Alliance (REN Alliance) and Australian Senator who represented the Liberal Party for the stated of Tasmania in 1967-1986, was elected WWEA President for a second term.

The new WWEA Board includes representatives from Germany, Denmark, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, India, Mali, Australia and Ukraine.

Next World Wind Energy Conference WWEC 2020 will be held in Busan, Republic of Korea, from 7-9 September 2020.